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Dynamite Smiles Dentistry is a state-of-the-art dental office that focuses on delivering the most personalized, comfortable, and stress-free care possible. Using the latest dental technologies, techniques, and conveniences allow us to ensure each patient's safety and comfort and improve treatment outcomes.

Take a look at our technologies to learn more about why and how we use them in our Scottsdale dental office.

Rotary Endodontics

Dr. Heday uses rotary endodontics to perform less invasive and more comfortable root canal treatment. Rotary endodontics involves an electrically-powered handheld instrument that replaces the need for stainless steel manual files. The tip of the electric instrument is made out of nickel-titanium, which is five times more flexible than stainless steel.

With rotary endodontics, root canal treatment is faster and more efficient because of the instrument’s flexibility and advanced range of motion. Lastly, the instrument doesn’t stretch out or damage the passageway, allowing your natural tooth to remain more intact.

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3-D Cone Beam Imaging (CBCT)

Dr. Heday uses cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT or Cone Beam CT) to observe 3-D images of tooth roots, sinuses, nerve pathways, jawbone levels, and other structures. This innovative digital imaging technology helps Dr. Heday determine the quality and quantity of jawbone levels present when planning dental implant placement. 

With CBCT, Dr. Heday can pinpoint optimal implant placement and design 3-D treatment guides she uses to deliver optimal outcomes. Dr. Heday also uses CBCT to plan root canal therapy and tooth extractions and to diagnose TMJ issues. 

Laser Dentistry

Dynamite Smiles Dentistry uses laser dentistry to treat patients with greater comfort, speed, and precision than ever before. Dental lasers promote faster healing times and reduce the risk of bleeding compared to traditional surgical dental procedures.

With dental lasers, Dr. Heday and our team can effectively target bacteria and eliminate an infection. Dental lasers are also particularly effective in treating gum disease because they can easily target damaged and diseased oral tissues while preserving healthy tissues. 


Electric Handpieces

At Dynamite Smiles Dentistry, we use electric handpieces to offer smooth, consistent treatment that’s more comfortable for our patients. We use electric handpieces for specific treatments, such as tooth preparation, endodontics, restoration adjustments, and much more. With this advanced technology, our patients don’t have to worry about hearing loud drills during treatment. 

Panoramic X-ray

A digital panoramic x-ray captures the entire mouth in one image, including teeth, gums, jawbones, and surrounding structures and tissues.

A panoramic x-ray can reveal:

  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Cysts in the jawbones
  • Tumors in the oral cavity
  • Oral cancer
  • Impacted teeth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Jaw disorders, including TMJ 
  • Sinusitis 

Dr. Heday uses panoramic x-rays to take a detailed look at your oral health, identify any underlying concerns, and develop a detailed treatment plan based on your needs. 

Digital Dental X-rays

Digital dental x-rays are incredibly precise and require little to no time for development. Once Dr. Heday takes your x-rays, you can both view them on a chairside monitor and look at them together. Digital dental x-rays benefit patients because:

  • They are safer than traditional film x-rays because they emit significantly less radiation.
  • They are very precise, allowing your dentist to make a timely diagnosis and detailed treatment plan. 
  • They are securely stored in your confidential digital file at Dynamite Smiles Dentistry.
  • They do not require any chemicals or film to develop the images, making them more eco-friendly than film x-rays.
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