Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment that can give you an instant smile makeover. If you’re ready to take your smile to the next level, veneers may be the perfect treatment for you! 

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin, hard coverings or “shells” of porcelain or tooth-colored composite material that are bonded directly to the front-facing surfaces of the teeth. Porcelain and composite veneers mimic the translucence of natural tooth enamel. 

A person can get one veneer to repair or conceal a problematic tooth, or they can get a set of veneers to refresh an entire row of teeth. Veneers are permanent and stain-resistant, so you can enjoy brighter, more symmetrical teeth for a lifetime. 

The Versatility of Veneers

Veneers can repair multiple dental concerns and enhance your smile, such as: 

  • Cover stained or discolored teeth, giving them a whiter appearance 
  • Close small gaps and spaces between teeth 
  • Strengthen teeth with minor cracks and chips 
  • Correct slightly misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth 
  • Change the shape, size, and height of uneven teeth

If you want to change how your teeth look, veneers might be the best way to achieve a perfect smile. 

How Are Veneers Placed? 

Dr. Heday and her dental team will discuss your oral health needs and smile goals so we can create a customized treatment plan for you. Depending on your treatment needs and preferences, Dr. Saba Heday will use the best type of veneer for you, which may be either porcelain veneers or composite resin veneers. 

When it’s time to place the veneers, Dr. Heday and our team will make sure you’re completely comfortable and relaxed. We then clean and prepare the tooth by gently etching the enamel to secure the veneer to the tooth. The tooth's structure remains intact and strong, the veneer is simply added to the visible portion of the tooth. 

Dr. Heday will then cement the veneer to the tooth and cure it with a special light to make sure it’s strong and stable. If any final shaping is required, Dr. Heday will do so to make sure you are completely satisfied with your results. Finally, your cosmetic dentist will polish your new smile, giving you a natural and stunning look. 

Caring for Your Veneers 

To keep your teeth and gums healthy and maintain a white smile, we recommend brushing twice daily and flossing once daily.

We also suggest that you visit Dr. Heday every six months to have a comprehensive oral examination and teeth cleaning. Practicing excellent dental health and caring for your mouth is essential for having a functional and attractive smile.

Having veneers means you now must continue to care for your teeth so they don’t sustain any chips or breaks. Over time, veneers can look dull and drab if you don’t practice good oral hygiene. 

High-Quality, Affordable Veneers in Scottsdale, AZ 

If you are unhappy with how your teeth look, veneers can give you the smile transformation you’ve always wanted. All of our restorations are specially crafted by a highly skilled dental laboratory, and we also accept various payment and financing options, as well as dental insurance.

To learn more about veneers or to schedule your consultation, please contact us today!